The Wedding of Stephany and Chris at The Ice House | Louisville Wedding Photographer

Ceremony – St Elizabeth of Hungary ; Reception – Ice House Catering – Crushed Ice Catering; Flowers – Charissa’s Floral Design Band – The Louisville Crashers; Cars – Derby City Dream Cars  

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  • Christopher Jaquith - Beautiful pictures. Thank you so much for being part of our special day

  • stephany jammal - love every single picture! thank you for capturing our special moments on our big day 

  • Jeff jaquith - Amazing photographs of your beautiful wedding!

  • Magen jaquith - Beautiful pIctures!!! We had a wonderful time at your wedding, love you guys

  • Ziad Feghali - Most glamorous wedding in kentucky.. congrats steph and chris

  • Ted JAquith - What beautiful memories of that very special day in the Lives of two wonderful people! Thank You!

  • Charbel HARISSA - Unforgettable day… miss you guys wish you all the kids. 

  • Elie jammal - That’s what we call it professionals thanks for this amazing picture .

  • Craig pfeffer - Great pictures of your special day.

  • Tiffany Bryant - Beautiful PICTURES capturing the perfect day!

  • Eliane - Beautiful photo album of the most Beautiful  and awesome people!!! All the best to the newlyweds!!! 

  • Cathy Cantu - Misty masterfully captured the magic of the moment, the strength of this family and of this union. I’m just so impressed. I was there and these GORGEOUS pictures take me right back to that spectacular day!!! Beautiful work.

  • Katie - Amazing!!!

  • Zeina/ mom :) - To my beautiful daughter and handsome son in law,  wish you both the most perfect life…!

  • Mandy Evans - Love love love all these! Can’t wait to see the rest!!!!

  • Carlos - Congrats!!! Love the pics 🙂 

  • Leah - Beautiful pictures, beautiful wedding!! Love and miss you all

  • Niss - Absolutely beautiful pictures…just perfect to remember the day! ❤

  • Serge - Waaoooew beautiful pics – congrats stephy and chris love you

  • Nicolas jammal - Good job, Misty. Awesome photos

  • Silvie khourI - To the best couple, my BEAUTIFUL  niece and Chris, Wish all the best in your new life. Make sure your first kids is a girl and Name her SaloOva 🙂

  • Tyler Smith - Amazing pictures and wedding!

  • John khouri - Beautiful pictures and beautiful groom and bride love you all

  • Tony - Nice lovely picture v nice wedding

  • BeCky Evans - Wow! Such beautiful pictures. I had a great time.

  • Larry Evans - Great time great pictures great people! Thank you for the invite!

  • Salmajammalabouchacra - Beautiful pics😘😘love u ❤❤

  • Jim Northern - Great pics of your amazing wedding. So grateful I was invited. Wish you the best!!!

  • Elias - Great day, great memories 😍👰🤵🔔💒💍

  • Josh - Amazing night guys! Glad to have been a part of it!

  • Jeanette wheeler - Amazing wedding captured BEAUTIFULLY. WOULDN’T have missed it for anything in the world. so GRATEFUL to re-live it through the pics again and again. Thanks misty. Congrats steph and chris. #icehouse

  • Daniel wheeler - Great wedding pics, DEFINITELY showed off  how beautiful the bride was 

  • Inzina ELKHOURY - Pictures are beautiful, great job

  • Darline khouri - It was beautiful wedding

  • The mandil Family - Misty did an excellent job capturing every majestic moment and was very engage throughout the whole experience! 

  • Kristi Dalrymple - Amazing pictures of a beautiful wedding! I love these!

  • Anne-Marie - Wish I was there ! Beautiful pictures ! Miss you all 

  • Amber - Beautiful pictures! Such a fun wedding! 

  • Mona - A touchy , romantic and creative wedding captions for photos, congrats Steph and Chris, love u

  • Laurie - I love these!!

  • Morgan - Beautiful pictures!!

  • Anna - Beautiful pictures 

  • Kelsi - The pictures came out amazing. My girl Steph looks gorgeous. You captured her well. 

  • Bakhos el-khoury - Wonderful pictures and beautiful wedding 

  • - MABROUKkkkk. Congratulations 🎉 Stephy and Christ. Wish you all the best ever. Beautiful, Amazing  and Professional pictures.

  • Amma - Beautiful! Beautiful pictures. Congrats love you

  • Neha - Amazing pictures!  

  • Nabil Feghaly - Mabrouk Stephanie and Chris. Amazing wedding and beautiful pictures 

  • Joyce Harissa - Congrats saffooun and Chris ! Love you , wish I could have been there 
    Hope to see you soon 

  • Coco - Lovely lovely lovely pictures good job Misty

  • Joe - Beautiful pictures we had wonderful days together god bless you.

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