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Misty Enright


I am a mom to two adorable girls, doggy-mommy to an equally adorable dachshund and wife to this guy I met at a wedding almost 18 years ago.


I grew up loving sports. My favorites are basketball, football and horse-racing. I love live music, my toes in the sand, hiking and miniature golf.


I'm a proud member of the PPA, and in 2011, I earned my Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) distinction.


Above all, I have been lucky to call myself a full-time photographer and small business owner for over 15 years now.



*I'm clumsy. I once ran into Mike Tyson when I tripped getting off a moving walkway in an airport and I ran head first into Mike Myers in LA when I almost fell coming around a corner of a building.


*I regularly have dance parties while I am driving. I am constantly changing the radio station to find the right song to fit my dance mood and will make an absolute fool out of myself when I find it.


*I am a master at finding continuity mistakes in TV/movies. It must be where my attention to detail came from.

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Clients have described the Misty Enright Photography experience in wonderful ways over the years, but the one thing that stands out to me is when a client refers to me as an 'old friend.' That's exactly the relationship I try to build with each and every one of my clients, and trying to find what we have in common is the best part. Once that trust has been established, it is all about making you look and feel your best.


My style is classic and candid. I like natural poses, bright colors, dramatic lighting and I love making my clients laugh.

Misty Enright, CPP

Misty Enright Photography

301 LaGrange Road, Second Floor

Pewee Valley, KY 40056

text/call (502) 694-0226