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Today was my Wedding Day!


Happy Anniversary to us! This is what twelve years of love and fun and partnership and friendship look like! In years past, I have reflected on the planning process that brought us to our wedding and our wedding day itself, but today I wanted to reflect on what makes our marriage work. It isn’t always as easy as it looks in a photograph, but these are my favorite photos of us over the years and I think they do a good job defining who we are as a couple (and before you ask, of course our girls mean the world to us and are a huge part of our marriage but since one of them is born on Valentine’s Day, today is my couples day and for that reason, this post is about us).

*We started our marriage with a short stint in California. In June 2005, about 3 months after we got married, we left sunny Columbus, Ohio, for a 6 month stay (thanks to GE) in Los Angeles, California. We didn’t know anyone in California at the time (this was before Facebook) except each other. Our time in California acted as an extended honeymoon full of weekend trips away and a fun evenings exploring our new surroundings. We fell in love with wine country in Temecula (and are still wine club members to this day), spent more time outdoors hiking and exploring, and LOVED the 80 degree weather everyday. Even though we lived together before, this time in California really forced us to live a ‘we-may-not-get-back-here’ staycation way of life. It was good for us. We try to visit Southern California as much as we can now.

*We both love our sports teams, but took to each other’s teams pretty quickly. I am a card carrying member of the BBN and he loves Jim Boeheim and the Syracuse Orange. I can support a team in a different conference. We go to a lot of college basketball games for each team and have added more blue and orange to each other’s wardrobe over the years. We each now have a long history of knowing players and stats from each other’s teams and love to talk post-game analysis and debate strategy. Chris is also a diehard Red Sox fan, so now I am too. Living in the Northeast for as long as we did made that an easy choice for me. Where I draw the line is with his NFL team. He is a Patriots fan (I KNOW?!?) and I am a long-suffering Bengals fan. I will watch his stupid team win the Super Bowl, and maybe even wear a t-shirt, but I will never be really happy about another team’s Super Bowl victory.

*We are nerds. Each Oscar season we set out to watch each Academy Award nominated movie in the major categories. We started this a few years ago and it’s one of my favorite things we do. Because we have two small girls, we don’t get to the movie theaters as much as we should to watch potential nominees early, so we end up watching most all of them in the two weeks before the Oscars.

*We love to travel together. It’s funny, but all of our trips away follow the same simple and fun pattern: is there a sporting event nearby? can we go wine tasting? what about a hike?

*After all these years, he still makes me laugh out loud. That’s important because I think I’m the comedian of this relationship. Asking Chris, he would say he has gotten funnier over the years. That’s probably true.

Bottom line, Chris is my best friend and I’m so lucky to make my way in this life next to him and our girls. That is, until that one day when Kentucky meets Syracuse in the Final Four or Championship game. It will happen. He will then be my sworn nemesis.

Happy Anniversary to us! Here’s to another twelve years, and another and another and another and another.

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